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A Game By Any Other Name Would Still Be Shit

I recently returned from an epic West Coast odyssey, bookended by both Macworld and the Game Developer’s Conference. Somewhere in between those major events, I made this:

Download Shit Game (Windows) or Download Shit Game (Mac)

I’m not really sure how to explain this little project. I developed it in about a week, and the initial impetus for creation actually came after watching this video on YouTube

I suppose if you wanted to be intellectual, you could look at this game as a statement about creativity in the game industry. Entirely too much time is spent meticulously recreating the gameplay of previously developed games.

This is true in both the mainstream and independent game development spheres. Look at the countless Cave Story homages, as well as the countless iterations of games like Super Monkey Ball, Madden, Smash Bros, etc

I’m not saying this is entirely a bad thing. Recreating the mechanics of a classic is a fantastic way to cut your teeth in game development. In fact, there’s something even endearing about this, especially when a game fails to accurately capture the finesse of the original and it becomes fun to discover and exploit all of the bugs in its engine.

But, as the name implies, it’s hard to take Shit Game too seriously. And I feel kind of silly talking so much about it already. Don’t be fooled by the trailer. The in-game soundtrack consists entirely of pop music recreated in general MIDI.

Grab Shit Game on itch.io

29 Responses to “A Game By Any Other Name Would Still Be Shit”

  1. internettt Says:

    What was the impetus vid? It got deleted

  2. Chace Says:

    I just beat the game 5 minutes ago and loved it XD! You should absolutely bring more of your random ideas into games ;).

  3. sya Says:

    cool ye…………

  4. n0dl Says:

    haha looks really cool. I dig the naruto tune at the end of the vid as well
    AI bomb for the win!

  5. Menos Grande Says:

    its Good , have addon?

    sthit game 2??

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  7. Gilbert Says:

    Looks sweet. In which language is the game programmed?

  8. Dick Ballistic Says:

    Also the thing about cutting your teeth in game creation by using mechanics and ideas from other’s games is a very true statement. It’s also why XNA game should be free (like this one!) but Microsoft loooves their money too much so now we gotta PAY for our thousands of Pac-Man and Mario clones. No sense at all.

  9. Dick Ballistic Says:

    I actually really like the plane crashes turning into platforms. I think that one bit of creativity really showed that no matter how hard you tried to make a terrible game, you’re just not that untalented haha

  10. Damien Says:

    I just finished the game, please make another! I love it

  11. TeamTeabag Says:

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  12. Franky Says:

    this game is amazing

  13. XSportSeeker Says:

    The best Shit Game I’ve seen so far! ^^

  14. Josh Says:

    Aptly named.

    After the plane level when you have to get past or kill the ghosts with the diamonds of death it was, at least for me, unbeatable. You have to jump back and forth up these bouncing platforms but I always glitched through them and fell down to the bottom as I was trying to get up. Was this meant to be a feature of Shit Game?

  15. Pox Says:

    This is some pretty stellar shit. I had to talk about it on one of my sites. I just love how bad and creepy the graphics are. Nicely done.

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    […] Alright in all honesty this is some epic and I mean EPIC gaming. Apparently the guy who created this did it in a weekend and from my understanding he did it while giving birth to a muntant troll and eating the first born of Charlton Heston and Oprah. Ok I may be exaarating a little there….it may have taken him a week, I forget. If you want to get this game you can cause its free and here is the link. Get it, Love it, Spread it like a fucking STD baby! […]

  17. Nathan Says:

    That was an amusing five minutes. Nice.

    Oddly enough, I’m very curious to know how you made this short platformer. For a hobbyist programmer, is it really as simple or easy as it looks?

  18. Ryfael Says:

    Thank you for your game. Came from Kotaku here. Appreciate the Das Boot and Ending themes and No Doubt. Thanks for a great free game.

  19. sl Says:

    at Jake…I remember two games I know for sure that did free climbing before Sonic 3: Samson from Little Samson (the most amazing NES platformer that nobody played) and also I believe morph-ball Samus could (not for sure).

    Oh yeah and if you haven’t heard of Little Samson check it out, it was a gaming that was a generation beyond its time, doomed to die due to crap marketing.

    4 playable characters you can hot-swap between, each with different special abilities (from charge shot/floaty dragon to wall-climbing/shooter Samson to bomb dropping mouse and GOLEM!). Priceless!

  20. reverendflint Says:

    This would be great for a homebrew DS game! I loved it!

  21. Jake Says:

    at marco, free climbing was first done in sonic 3 by knuckles. /OCD

    this is pretty entertaining. i love the music especially.

  22. Michiel Says:

    never mind. works in WINE

  23. chron Says:

    very cool! i really like how everything flows together, lots of random stuff = fun. full screen mode on my 22inch is like playing the original gameboy on a cinema screen, but its still really cool – im at the plane level right now.

  24. Michiel Says:

    Can haz linux version?

  25. SnackAdmiral Says:

  26. Justin Fic Says:

    Very cool trailer, I totally lost it on the title screen at the end. I really need to grab an Intel Mac so I can give your games a whirl!

  27. Marco Says:

    Really good. Even if it is a statement about creativity (creating a game with no originality to show the lack of it in the rest of the community )it is not entirely derivative. The style is terrific and even some ideas (the “free climbing” on platforms for example) make Shit Game something different. If this is a project made in only one week… well, you should make more of these experiments ^_^

    Thumbs up

  28. Andy Shelford Says:

    sometimes, i got stucked beneath the flying big eye ball. This Shit Game is nice.

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