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And sometimes, we make truly dumb games.

Our favorites are his variations on old school classics, like Space Barnacle (2007), which is a surprisingly beautiful sci-fi Super Mario Bros-style adventure.

The L Magazine

This is not yet more tiresome retromancy of the kind that regularly floods indiedom, but instead a smart, one-button inversion of the genre.

Rock Paper Shotgun

With an epic Soulwax remix of Justice that serves as a final level, complete with custom visuals inspired by the ending of Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey.


If you like monochrome graphics, inscrutable physics, confusing environmental interaction, floating hairy turds/eyeballs and half-assed production values, you'll love Shit Game.


Mark Johns grasps the things that make video games great: interesting colors, satisfying “boop” sounds, and many, many explosions.


Johns said their goal was to create a hybrid music video and gaming experience which reminds me of the feeling I’ve only previously had while playing the Dreamcast’s Rez.


Developed by acclaimed mobile game developers Adam Saltsman, Mark Johns and Paul Veer, the game offers a cool retro sidescrolling action experience through District 12 that’s simple and fun to play.


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I'm Mark Johns. I mainly lead design and programming.
I often work with Kevin Coulton on technical art.

Other collaborators include Niantic, Adult Swim, Lionsgate, Cactus, Tapulous, and Adam Saltsman.