Two Games for the IGF Pirate Kart - Doomlaser

Two Games for the IGF Pirate Kart

It hit twitter the other day that a bunch of indies were banding together to bundle up a slate of games into an IGF Pirate Kart. This inspired me to polish up a couple short games that I’ve never released before.


The first is a one-button platformer that I originally put together for Gamma 4. You have no direct control over your character.

What news of my son?
braindead screenshot
braindead screenshot
braindead screenshot


Z is the only button. Music by my friend Mike Arnold. Cutscene illustration by Kevin Coulton.

Los Mosquito

The second is a game about being a mosquito. You have to sneak up on people and press Z to suck their blood, before they attack you and start calling in cropdusters of DDT.

Los Mosquito Title Screen
Los Mosquito in-game screenshot


Art by Kevin Coulton.

6 Responses to “Two Games for the IGF Pirate Kart”

  1. Kert Gartner Says:

    Both of these games are fucking great! Thanks for sharing them 🙂

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  3. Chirag Varde Says:

    Nice games!!

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  5. Dany Says:

    I love the art direction of Braindead. GJ!

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