Doomlaser builds games.
Sometimes, truly dumb games.

Our favorites are his variations on old school classics, like Space Barnacle (2007), which is a surprisingly beautiful sci-fi Super Mario Bros-style adventure.

The L Magazine

This is not yet more tiresome retromancy of the kind that regularly floods indiedom, but instead a smart, one-button inversion of the genre.

Rock Paper Shotgun

Developed by acclaimed mobile game developers Adam Saltsman, Mark Johns and Paul Veer, the game offers a cool retro sidescrolling action experience through District 12 that’s simple and fun to play.


If you like monochrome graphics, inscrutable physics, confusing environmental interaction, floating hairy turds/eyeballs and half-assed production values, you'll love Shit Game.


I'm Mark Johns. I mainly lead design and programming.
I often work with Kevin Coulton, who makes art.

Other collaborators include Cactus, Adult Swim, Disney, Lionsgate, and Adam Saltsman.