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Kernel Panic Screensaver!

Monday, April 9th, 2007

So awhile back I was thinking, “You know what would be funny? A screensaver that fakes a kernel panic!”

For those of you who might never have seen one, a kernel panic is basically the most shocking crash that you can get on a Mac. It’s Apple’s equivalent to the famed Blue Screen of Death.

What a great way to play a prank on someone, or frighten yourself.

So here is the end result, a harmless screensaver that faithfully emulates the horrifying experience of a kernel panic. It comes complete with a misleading Quartz Composer Preview so that the effect is all the more terrifying.

Update: KPSaver is now 64-bit and compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 and above. Legacy users can download the old version here.

If you enjoy KPSaver, please consider supporting it with a PayPal donation.

Download KPSaver

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What is… Doomlaser?

Wednesday, February 14th, 2007

I originally wanted to have a place to post projects and maybe talk about the videogames I was writing. As a result, Doomlaser was born.

Since then, I’ve gone on to make several games and worked on quite a few other projects, both solo and with big companies like Niantic and Apple, for Doomlaser and for hire.

A couple GIFs

But wait a minute, who are you?

My name is Mark Johns. I’m a game developer and freelance engineer in Illinois.

What kinds of stuff have you built?

To put ink to screen, I’ve worked on

  • A bunch of games, such as:
    1. Hot Throttle for Adult Swim (with the venerable Cactus)
    2. Space Barnacle (with Kevin Coulton)
    3. Das Cube (with Alec Holowka)
    4. The Hunger Games iOS title for the Lionsgate movie.
    5. Plus more, like Standard Bits, Owl Country, and Shit Game
  • I interned at Apple programming stuff for clickwheel iPod games .
  • Co-wrote the hit iOS Tap Tap Revenge game, and several of its spinoffs for Disney/Tapulous, along with this charming man.
  • A few notable system tools for the Mac like Cursorcerer
  • Social network links?

    My Twitter account. Here’s my Tumblr, LinkedIn. SoundCloud, Instagram, MobyGames profile, and Google+ .

    I’d like to hire you to work on something, or I’m a spambot