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Good Games are Hierarchies of Attainable Goals

Thursday, October 18th, 2007

Kyle Wilson has written an insightful article called The Flow of Intentional Gameplay, where he picks apart survivalism and goals in videogames. He makes the case that good gameplay hinges on the player having readily identifiable goals at all times, and that games like Half-Life 2, and consoles like the Wii are successful because they are good at doing this.

Very interesting read. [via GameSetWatch]

Wacky Mini Golf

Friday, April 20th, 2007

Dan Labriet has released his latest masterwork into the indie Mac game scene. It’s a highly polished 3d mini golf game, with a number of cool features.

My favorite is its iSight integration, which allows you to snap a photo to be used on your golfer’s avatar. The game also takes “polaroids” of significant events in your golfing exploits and saves them to a gallery for later viewing.

You can select these photos to e-mail, print, or upload to an online gallery on Dan’s site– all from within the game.

Wacky uses Newton Game Dynamics to handle physics, and it’s fun in and of itself to figure out what obscure corners of objects you can hit to send your ball flying in a preposterous path.

Graphically, the game sports a fur shader, depth of field, reflective water, and flowing lava with bloom lighting The player models are skeletally animated using Cal3D. But what’s most impressive is that Dan did all of the art and programming solo.

If only he’d used my story concept: You versus a cargo cult of mini golf worshipping cannibals..